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Meeting of brothers and sisters in preparation for perpetual vows

On 28th January 28th, a meeting of brothers and sisters in preparation for perpetual vows took place by videoconference. This is the second meeting prepared by the General Commissions for Initial Formation (brothers-sisters). The meeting was animated by Father Enrique Losada, who spoke on the theme: "Union of brothers and sisters. Common Mission". On one of the important points of his presentation, Enrique stressed the commentary on Article 8 of the chapter Vocation and Mission, common to the Constitutions of the Sisters and Brothers. This article emphasizes the unity and autonomy of the two branches. The unity of the two branches of the Congregation is based on the same charism, mission and spirituality. Autonomy rests on the sufficient means of each of the two branches to live by themselves: religious community, apostolic service, formation, organisation and administration. Unity has to do with the conviction to be faithful to the same vocation and mission. It is not an imposition.

One of the main challenges of unity is the collaboration of brothers and sisters. For the future, we have some challenges: to have new relationships between men and women, to be aware of the clericalisation of religious life, to grow in equality without eliminating differences. In all this, we need a good dose of humility because we are only simple servants in the Lord's vineyard.

This was followed by an interesting dialogue between the participating brothers and sisters and Father Enrique. We are grateful to Father Enrique for his availability and collaboration in IF. There were 28 participants, 5 sisters and 12 brothers preparing for perpetual vows, 8 drawn from team of formators and 3 (2 sisters and 1 brother) offering the service of translation in the three languages: English, Spanish and French.